About Us

The Kawa Moka Story

Kawa is an Arabic word that literally translates into "wine of the bean" that is, coffee. Moka is the name of a seaport city in Yemen, which was originally the starting point of distribution of coffee to and all over Europe. Moka is also the famed chocolate aftertaste of Arabian Mocha (or Moka), which caused an enthusiast to use the same name for the traditional mixture of hot chocolate and coffee. Together, our name Kawa Moka tells the story of our love for Coffee and Cholocate!

Our coffee, cocoa products and light meals are made fresh on site daily by our highly experienced baristas, chefs and dedicated trainees. Our menu changes daily, with new and exciting hot and cold specials ranging from our soups to pastries to our salad bar.

Bolstering community is important to us and after we awe you with our products we draw you into our community through our investment in people. We welcome you to join our community and share the experience of a place you never want to leave!